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10 Ways To Stay Warm With Heat Holders This Winter

10 Ways To Stay Warm With Heat Holders This Winter

Winter is coming, and energy bills are set to go through the roof. Heat Holders can help by keeping you warm when you’re out and about or at home, so you can wait a little longer before turning up the thermostat. Here are our top 10 ways to hold in the heat.

1. Warm Before Wearing

Before you put on your Heat Holders, try warming them up on a radiator or in an airing cupboard. (Make sure you stay safe though – don’t put them near any open flames.)

With heat already trapped in the Heat Holders fabric, you’ll feel the benefit the second you put them on – instead of your own body having to provide the warmth itself.

2. Toasty Tots

Children sitting in pushchairs or toddler carriers can sometimes get cold because they’re not moving around. Pop some kids’ Heat Holders over their shoes to keep their toes toasty, then slip them off once you get to the park. 

3. Necks Please

Depending on the outfit you’re wearing, your neck can sometimes end up exposed to the chilly winter air. (Formal clothes, designed for looks rather than warmth, are particularly bad for this.)

To trap all that lovely warm air snugly around your neck, get yourself a Heat Holders neck warmer. With no loose ends to flap against your keyboard or dangle in your soup, they’re far more practical than a scarf, and ideal for wearing around the workplace, office or home.


4. Unfreeze Your Fingers

We’ve all been there. Your hands are wonderfully warm inside your gloves – but then you get a message that you simply have to reply to. Unless you can thumb-type quicker than a teenager – and we certainly can’t – your fingers will be frozen before you hit ‘send’.

Our ingenious converter mittens are the answer. Simply slip off the mitt part, tap out your text and quickly get your fingers back in the warmth where they belong. You can even wear them round the house, for texting your mates during Strictly.

5. Crocs ’n’ Socks – Together At Last!

Ignore the haters. Crocs and Heat Holders socks go together like hand in glove – and once you feel the comfort, we guarantee you won’t be worrying about how they look.

Just try it. Your Crocs will protect your feet from the hardest, coldest floors – not to mention stubbing your toe on the corner of the bed – while your Heat Holders deliver unbeatable warmth. It truly is a match made in heaven.
What’s more, the generous fit of most Crocs mean they can easily accommodate our Original Heat Holder socks (with ranges for men, women and children) – the thickest, warmest socks we make.

(And, no, we’re not sponsored by Crocs, in case you were wondering!)

6. Love Your Layers

If you’re feeling chilly at home but you’re already fully dressed, we’ve got the answer. Slip one of our luxury dressing gowns over your clothes for a warmth boost – and a sophisticated loungey vibe too! Both men’s and ladies’ styles are available. 

Or, if your regular socks aren’t quite up to scratch, pop a pair of Heat Holders over the top and you’ll be feeling warmer in minutes.

7. Hidden Heating

If you don’t want to add extra layers on top, why not add them underneath? We have a whole range of Heat Holders thermal underwear for both ladies and men, including vests, t-shirts, long johns and base layers, so you can layer up and still look great. They’re ideal for nights out when you want to look your best without compromising on that all-important warmth.

8. Sofa Snuggling

There’s nothing worse than reclining on the sofa in front of your favourite show, only to gradually realise that your hands or feet are starting to feel distinctly chilly. 

Get back to comfort with a Heat Holders blanket/throw – available in over 20 different colour options available to suit every taste and decor.

Our colossal giant blankets clock in at a humungous 240cm x 270 cm (roughly 8ft x 9ft), making them big enough for the whole family – provided you all get along. Or, if you’re feeling mean, just wrap yourself up like a great big sausage roll and leave everyone else to fend for themselves. 

However you use your blankets, they could help you stay off that thermostat dial for another hour or two – and that can’t be bad. 

9. Heat Plus Hairstyle

That icy winter wind is tough on the ears. And you’d happily wear a bobble hat to keep them warm – if only you weren’t so worried about messing up your hair. 

Worry not – Heat Holders is here with the solution once again. Our headbands and earmuffs put the heat right where you need it, without ruining your look. Head out for a bracing winter walk or a night on the town and stay looking good right to the last.

10. Sleep Warmer, Sleep Better

It’s enough to give you nightmares: that feeling when you’re lying in bed with feet like blocks of ice, unable to warm them up no matter what you do. It’s no wonder scientific research has shown that keeping your feet warm can help you get a better night’s sleep.

With Heat Holders you can forget about cold feet forever. Pop on a pair before you hit the hay and you’ll have toasty tootsies right through until morning. Night night!